Made for unlimited luxury. These weightlessly comfortable and exclusively finished mattresses are handmade by our most experienced bed makers. Every material is sourced from the rarest place. And every stitch is expertly threaded. The end result is a mattress collection that has to be felt to be understood. The culmination of over 100 years’ work. Our best yet. Click the first image to download the Vispring Booklet 👆🏻

The starting point for Vispring comfort. Made with soft cotton, hand-teased wool, highly durable pocket springs and the most comfortable natural finishes. In the Original Collection you will find our entry level range of beds, like the Devonshire. Our Devonshire mattress is made with hand-teased British fleece wool for an exceptionally resilient and comfortable sleeping surface.

The next level of comfort. Within the Classic Collection you’ll find a long-standing customer favourite — the Regal Superb. Comfortable and supportive, it mirrors your body shape with its finely tuned layers of individually pocketed springs and filling of soft British fleece wool, real Shetland wool and horsetail.

The ultimate in Vispring comfort. With multiple layers of handmade pocket springs for weightless comfort, each mattress is carefully filled with the finest natural materials. Cashmere, Tussah silk, fine horsehair, alpaca, and bamboo — we only use the highest quality materials for the Luxe Collection.

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